It’s no secret that I love my neighborhood and Fayetteville. During this time of challenge, that love continues to be reinforced. We have heard from all our dear clients and they are weathering the storm safely. Some have sustained some minor damage to their home, but it is all repairable. I love the old homes that protect us. Their near 100 year old walls were built with purpose, intention and protection.

I appreciate our contractors, electricians and plumbers who have already contacted me to ensure things will be repaired. I love that our community is reaching out, supporting one another and offering support. I see neighbors brushing debris from gutters, sheltering those without power, offering their homes to evacuated families. No one wants to be in a disaster, but it is amazing the strength that arrives when one hits. Even my cousin in Charlotte crowned her barricade with an American Flag. We can face anything.

Our prayers are with our friends to the east as they try to regain our beautiful beaches and shorelines. Our prayers continue for those here in Fayetteville affected by the rising waters. I pray your anxiety will be relieved and your lives will be safe. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be here for you.

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Please continue to pray for the Carolinas and all affected by Hurricane Florence. To those that have already traveled miles to assist us, we extend our gratitude. Please continue to support your own communities. Together we are stronger.