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our story and our mission


"It's only a rental."

Ever heard that statement?  It never seemed to make sense to us.  As a military family, we found ourselves at the mercy of the rental system that included subpar houses with impersonal rental companies.  We struggled to find homes during a move, hoping we could trust the photos and descriptions online,  only to be disappointed and feeling trapped once we arrived and the house did not live up to its description.  We knew there had to be a better way to serve people.

We are Carl and Casey Benander and we developed Haymount Homes as our response to this problem.  We love beautiful homes and wanted to be sure everyone could live in a beautiful home, whether you owned it or rented it.  We wanted people renting homes to be able to trust the people they were working with. When we found ourselves in Fayetteville, NC, we fell in love with the Haymount Neighborhood.  Haymount offered the perfect blend for our love of beautiful historic homes (which we both grew up in) and our desire to improve our community. 


Shortly after we started renting homes,  people that were not even in the rental market asked us to help them decorate their homes.  They were frustrated with design and saw we could help find solutions.  So we did.  It was not long before others were asking us how to get started renting their homes, and we wanted to help.   

We want to improve the lives of people renting our homes and help other families create beautiful homes they are proud of.  We are striving to change the relationships in renting homes across the country where rentals are run down and drag communities down with them.

We love creating beautiful homes and helping people find joy in their home.  No matter who owns the home, we feel it is important for the people inside to love their surroundings.


We are Haymount Homes. With a mission to improve our community and lives of those we serve, we donate a percentage of our profits right back to local organizations that serve Fayetteville.  To us, it is never "just a rental."  It is your home and we want you love it like we do. We are committed to creating lovely homes and we want to be a part of making our community a better place.  We hope you'll join us on this mission.


We have assembled an expert team to help create our beautiful homes! We are consistently happy to work with them and want you to know who is working with us!

GEO LIVINGSTON - G&C Contracting - Contractor

DARIN HALFORD - Tile and Carpentry

RON GEDDIE - Heating and Air Conditioning

CLINT SUGGS - Welder and Handyman



KEVIN WILLIAMSON - Dreamworks Construction - Contractor

DON ARMSTRONG - Electrician

RICKY HAIR JR - Landscaping


DUSTIN BREWINGTON - Floor Restoration

BA EVANS - Painter

WARREN BREWINGTON - Carpenter and Flooring


TAMMY LINDSAY - Loan Officer