Glenville Ave Renovation Living Room.jpg

So with the approaching hurricane, I am looking for a distraction. I figured I would start highlighting some of the renovation before and after photos from our Glenville Ave Project. I never did complete that with Hull Rd (our last project), and I had regretted it. I did not want to make that mistake again!

We had a lot to work on with Glenville. The house was built in 1941 and had gone through minimal updates. We began with the living room and laundry. There was a lot to do including:

  • Trim and Wall Repair

  • Floor Refinshing

  • Bookcase repair

  • Door Fixing

  • Removal of debris

  • Fireplace insert removal

  • Relocation of the Water Heater (it was in the kitchen - we moved it to open up space in the kitchen for cabinets; this is typical of the 1940’s homes)

  • Replaced all windows

  • Replaced sheet vinyl flooring in the laundry room with luxury vinyl tile

  • Ceiling repair and paint

  • Paint, paint, and paint!

The final product was clean and simple. We used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray in eggshell which is one of my favorite greiges/grays . it has enough warmth in it to be cozy, but not so much that it turns something beige. The trim is nearly Sherwin Williams Extra White in a semi-gloss. The laundry room flooring is by Shaw Matrix in Franklin Hickory.

I will talk about the floor staining in another post, so for now, enjoy the befores and afters!

Haymount Homes Glenville Ave Living Room Before 1
Haymount Homes Glenville House Living room 23.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville Ave fireplace before.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville House Fireplace.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville Ave Living Room Before 2
Haymount Homes Glenville House Living ROom 4.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville Ave Laundry Before
Haymount Homes Glenville House laundry room 1.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville Ave laundry before.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville House Laundry Room 2.jpg
Haymount Homes Glenville House Laundry door.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the before and afters of the living room! Stay tuned for the rest of the series! Stay safe during the hurricane please!