Arts and Theater

Culture and arts are easily available in the Haymount area.  From the Cape Fear Regional Theater, the Gilbert Theater, and the Arts Counsel, all are within the immediate Haymount Area.  Also explore the Cameo movie theatre, renovated from an old theater, and serving wine and beer for the show.



Foodie?  Us too.  You'll have plenty of options in Haymount.  Enjoy Artisian Hatchet NC coffee at Leclairs General Store, a meal before a play at Latitudes, or a low-country Sunday Brunch at the Hilltop House (you'll love the historic home turned restaurant).  Hungry for more? Venture into the classic Haymount Grill or head downtown to Hay Street for a dozen more options!



Social and HEALTH

Active? So are we!  Haymount offers easy access to the Cape Fear River Walk, Cross Fit Gyms, Traditional Gyms, Eutaw Spa and Wellness Center, and The Runner's Spot, which offers running clubs and events.  Meet for coffee and laughs and hang out at Leclairs General Store, enjoy time at the Library Downtown, or find yourself at Rude Awakenings for coffee and treats downtown.  Join the Haymount community at Happenin' in Haymount events, including outdoor movies in the park, Easter egg hunts, Christmas Light Contests, and lots of community activities.  



There is no shortage of shopping fun in Haymount.  Grab your authentic home made pasta sauce and home staples at Leclairs General Store, a few boutique treats for your pet at Woof Gang Salon, a dress for the night out at Greasers and Pin Ups, your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Vibra's Boutique (along with a great pair of leggings!), a unique Southern Gift or personalized cards at Betty Kelly's (a Haymount tradition), and a great pair of running shoes (after personalized gait analysis) at The Runner's Spot.  This is just the beginning of the list. You'll find everything you need just around the corner. 


Spiritual Growth

No matter what your faith or spiritual needs are, Haymount is here to serve.  Home of St. Ann's Catholic Church, Synder Memorial Baptist Church, Highland Presbyterian Church, St. John's Episcopal Church, Haymount Methodist Church, St. John's Lutheran Church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, and several more, you will find a home close by.  Several yoga and meditation studios are also in the area for your spiritual needs.


Enjoy easy access to Haymount's very own post office.  Chamber of Commerce is right down the street, and several law offices, accounting firms, and community banks are available to serve you and all your business needs.  You can easily have your car serviced, dry cleaning completed, and tailoring done, all within walking distance. 




Recreation is at the Heart of Haymount.  Offering the community favorite, General Lee Park, you'll love the time with your children, dogs, and neighbors at this little slice of heaven.  Around the corner is Mazarik Park with tennis courts, trails, fishing, playground, and fishing.  You'll find a running club at the Runner's Spot, several fitness and cross fit studios, baseball training center, and more. Soon, we'll be home to the Huston Astros New Minor League Baseball stadium as well!


There are a wealth of education options in Haymount.  For higher education, you'll find Fayetteville State University and Fayetteville Technical Community College.  Haymount is home to the top ranked Terry Sanford School District, including Terry Sanford High School, Max Abbott Middle School, Vanstory Elementary, and Alma Easom Elementary schools.  You'll also find two dance studios in the center of Haymount offering lessons and instruction, fitness education, and more.