Haymount Homes LLC Choosing an Insurance Company Guide

Hey ya'll!  Summer is setting in and the heat is going strong.  I hope you are all enjoying a less hectic schedule and a little time away from the busy school year. 

We are in the process of trying to secure our next Haymount Home, and I have been busy organizing all the paperwork and finances that are required for such things.  In doing so, I recently reviewed a lot of our accounts, including the dreaded: INSURANCE binders.

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Boy, we love to hate on insurance, don't we?  It is a necessary thing, but we all tend to gripe about figuring it all out.  This is not without reason.  The bottom line is that the polices are extensive, the conditions are specific, and the cost is expensive.  We don't want to cheapen out and have lousy coverage, but we also don't want to spend and arm and a leg for things we won't (at least we hope!) need.

Thus, we research, we ask our friends, we call companies, we read....all in an effort of making a good choice that we can afford.  As a homeowner, we have to have each of our homes insured against damage and possible loss on the home.  As a rental company, we require all of our clients to obtain renter's insurance to protect the loss of their belongings.  

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My friend, Jonathan Gardner, at, recently completed a wonderful review and guide to choosing homeowners' insurance.

Jonathan and his team combed through the details of nine of the top insurance companies to help identify the right combination for your circumstances. They look at several aspects of the company from financial strength to customer service.  They also offer several guides on other homeowner topics, such as choosing a security system, best moving companies, and even best rental insurance companies.

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Full disclosure, we use USAA for all our insurance needs.  USAA is not available to everyone, however, so is a nice source for people that might not have USAA for an option.  USAA is not the least expensive option for insurance, but their coverage is complete and their customer service is consistently rated in the top tier for their industry. Because we have had excellent service in the past, we continue to use them for our policies. 

I hope these guides help simplify your search for good insurance.  At a minimum, they should help direct you on areas to consider when choosing an insurance policy.  Jonathan and his team have done a great job and it is my pleasure to share their work with you!

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— Warren Buffett

I hope to have updates on a new Haymount Home Soon!  Until then, happy insurance shopping!

- Casey