Having the patience and stomach for real estate is not for everyone.

After our offers, counter offers, and attempts at negotiating on this newest house, another offer was accepted.  We were frustrated by the fact that we were not even told another offer had been accepted, but rather found out on our own accord on the internet.

It's hard to be patient and disciplined. We had our budget, did not want to overspend, and also tried to make fair and reasonable offers.  This time it was not in the card for us and that is okay.  We have to trust in timing and what makes sense.

Of course, I get emotionally attached to each house I tour.  I see its potential and imagine what I could or would do if it became ours.  It is hard to walk away, but it is necessary to move on and trust that the next thing will happen as it should.

porch 2.jpg

Trying to get a new home always motivates me to save, however.  Sometimes I lose focus, get lazy, and forget to keep my eye on the target.  Having money for houses and down payments is a lot easier when you set a target for it.  Falling off the wagon is easy when I am not focused on house hunting.

Whatever your timeline is for an investment, remember to keep your eye on the target and stick to your guns.  Sometimes it will fall into place and work out.  Sometimes it won't.  Know what you want and how you plan to get after it.  If you plan ahead, then you can make fast offers that make sense and fit your goals. 

Until then, I will keep my eyes open...and on target!

- Casey