One of the best ways we have found out how to make our homes more appealing and better suited to the market is through investing in our community.

Investing does not always equate money.  There are a lot of forms of investment that bring great returns.  Investing our time, talent, and treasure in our community has expanded our knowledge on what our clients are looking for, and how we can better meet the needs of those we serve.

For example, we are active in several community organizations, community parks and recreation activities, religious organizations, and the local arts community.  We attend local events and socialize with neighbors.  We do our best to lend a hand in organizing neighborhood socials, events, and groups. 

Participation in these activities not only allows us to grow as a family and as individuals, but we engage in discussion that educates us on the frustrations and limitations of our community.  We also learn about plans that are being developed to improve the community for expansion and growth.  We hear the needs of the area, the highlights of the neighborhood, and see the direction things are moving.

While this may seem lofty and unimportant, it is anything but.  If you understand where your community is headed, you can be wise in your financial decisions about how to invest your money.  For example, if you know your city is about to embark on a downtown restoration project where they plan to highlight historic projects and preservation, then you have an idea that land and homes in that area will likely appreciate with the investment by the city.  Now might be a time to look at the adjacent properties that might be currently undervalued so that you can invest early. Likewise, if you learn the city plans to expand a major operation and relocate it to another area of town, this could move jobs out of your area and relocate them.  Property values can be affected as the demand for your location might decrease.

Concurrently, you can also learn about what people like and dislike about their current homes and neighborhood.  Are they craving more space? Better quality appliances? A nicer layout? Improved maintenance? The list goes on.  Whether they rent or own homes, they have something to share and you get a sense for what is trending in your area now.

Understanding your community is imperative to understanding how to optimize your rental.  knowing the needs and plans of those around you will help you better serve your clients and ultimately result in a better place to live for you and them.  Even small, local investments of your energy, talents, and money can offer great returns both socially, mentally, and physically. 

What have you learned about your community this week? Does it spark an idea that you might be able to act on? What might the result of your action bring? I'd love to know!

- Casey